Gannatex  has been working in this market more than 10 years, and have imported a lot of textile products, software's,  as well as machines to middle-east countries. We believe that, everyone deserves the right to be the best they can be and that given the right knowledge, skills and motivation everyone is capable of excellence. In this rapidly changing business environment, training and development would be crucial for achieving a high level of competency and success.

Gannatex was established by a group of investors, experts, academicians, and consultants; to provide consulting and training services to three types of organizations: those just opening their doors, those eager to gain or maintain a competitive edge, and those seeking to regain a position in the marketplace. 
Gannatex is an importing & sales co. based in Egypt. Our business ranges are mainly of :

 Before printing : we are sole agent of the best factories:


 Screen engraving machne- inkjet and laser type


coating mchine


screen washing machine


Printing dryer


sensitive machine


endring machne


glue machine


color/ dyestuff strainer


 Pringint machines for normal and large width: 


flat screen printing machine,


rotary screen printing machin,


digital printing machine,


transfer printing machine


After prining:




washing machine




preshrink machine




seuding machine,sand paper machine,peach skin machine,


foil stamping machine


 USED Machines from Korea


Software & Training services (printing, dyeing)


Textile products & Materials (fabrics, home textiles, foil stamp)




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